Termite Control | Cary/Raleigh, NC and Surrounding Area

Termites damage or destroy more than 2 million homes per year! It can take years before homeowners become aware of damage because most of it can't be seen. But it can compromise your home's structural integrity. Your home is your biggest investment. Protect it with a yearly termite inspection.
Many of our customers also take advantage of our Wood Destroying Insect Reports and termite control services, which includes a termite inspection. Our services at Booth Exterminating Company, Inc. include an annual inspection to find damage that may not be visible. We offer free estimates with all of our termite inspections and can provide you with various treatment options that are specific to your property's needs.
Termite damage and water damage can look very similar. If you think you have termites or if you're not sure, please call us at (919) 481-4741 and one of our professionals will determine if you have termite or water damage.
Termite Damage - ant control Cary, NC
Termite Damage
Ceiling with water damage - ant control Cary, NC
Water Damage

Wood Destroying Insect Reports (WDIR)

Wood destroying insects are termites, carpenter ants, and a variety of wood boring beetles. The WDIR report is an official state form required from lenders and necessary for a real estate closing that informs buyers of past or current wood destroying insect activity. It also informs the buyer of "conducive conditions" that may foster wood destroying insect activity in the future. Call Booth Exterminating Company at (919) 481-4741 if you need a Wood Destroying Insect Report done for your current or future home.